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You have landed on a site always UNDER CONSTRUCTION..

NPFLINTALES and NPFLINTFUTURE are stories or visions you might also call it - generated in my life - or right now.

NPFLINTALES – its my stories, my tales, the wisdom and inspirations given to me, its my visions and dreams as well and its also me - its also NPFLINT-past-TALES - a bit from my past that maybe some of you might find interesting.

NPFLINTFUTURE - its mainly my proposals, more concrete visions, concept etc. for how we can transform human activity on this planet into something that makes sustainable sense - but also satisfies the needs of modern humans - and could we call it “modern nature”.

But before I go on - a bit about who I am. I was born in Ringsted Denmark in 1959 - long time ago...and yet it feels like yesterday. As a kid I was very stimulated by my parents to do lots of creative stuff - I was building huge projects in the garden with old cardboardboxes, experimenting with lots of things and then I has lots of space and time for playing - among other things with Lego. 

I started architecture school right after college and was facinated - still is - by what we as humans can do. The story is long so I if you want to explore more about who I am you are welcome to read more on my old site which I still use since its part of my history in so many ways. So if you want to read more the click here to go on my other site

I have realized how difficult it is to communicate what is close to my heart - namely that we as humans start a profound and fundamental change in order to create the basis for a new culture or maybe I should even call it a new global civilization - and yes its in many ways very banal nevertheless for my part a profound desire to support the development of a new world where wars do not exist and where humans thrive in and part of nature in collaboration with new - appropriate -technologies  – and in order to go there - even start the discussion - I have realized that what we really need to discuss are values about how to live better – so for therefore this vlog and blog called NPFlinTales.

Here I will tell you a bit about my CORE VALUES – in a very simplified and structured way. I have had the opportunity to work with an excellent coach to get this project of the ground – Angela Lund – and she recommended me to try to identify my CORE VALUES in ten bullet points – and thats not easy for me, but here they are.

You will see the bullet points turned into a series of "themes" which I use on the NPFlinTales page to which there is a link below - some of this stuff is pretty heavy and complicated therefore this "simplification".

You are welcome to explore my main site as well -

My soft & hard CORE VALUES

Eternal Transformation

– thats whats its all about

 Eternal Transformation is my main thing in life – and death – its life and death and eternity together – everything bounces around in eternal cycles – everything is connected – somehow… we dont really comprehend this today – some maybe, but probably very few. I personally only understand this on a very profound level – but Im trying to become wiser, trying to see, think and feel ETERNAL TRANSFORMATION in everything I do in every step I take in every breath I do…. And its going pretty well one way or another – does it sound religious – not at all, its pragmatic living. Its about understanding ”the system” – nature and the universe and how things really work on a physical level, since that is what we know something about in todays world the more ”spherical” aspects are less understood, but yes I trust its all connected. And in my ”tales” Ill debate and look into that in various ways.

ETERNAL TRANSFORMATION is somehow getting to understand that life without death is impossible and that death as we see it today is an amputated way of looking at life when you take a holistic and maybe also ”spherical” approach. We have reached a point in the development of humans and our lives on this planet where we absolutely have to get to terms with what we come from and how we fit into this amazing ”system” we live in.


Freedom is essential for me – but what is freedom…there will be a whole series of NPFlinTales videos about this.


We need to profoundly change and become what I for years have called "planet-wise" - "kloge-kloge" in Danish - and I suppose it sort of is self explanatory.


As I see it all creatives are "midwifes for helping humans find the lost creativity" - helping humans becoming profoundly creative again - development, innovation, research, creation


From my point of view we need to acknowledge that there is more to it than just being here on planet Earth - the universe is vast and eternal - we need to discuss and accept the more ”spherical” or spiritual aspects of life and eternal transformation - WITHOUT becoming religious - but stay free and responsible spirits.


We need to acknowledge the joy of being alive and being healthy


Talking joy in a more profound way - allowing ourselves to sense being part of nature and the planet and fundamentally enjoying what nature offers us in abundance - but doing it with a big and deep respect for the coming generations and their needs (and not like today where we indulge irresponsibly in terms of almost anything - our over consumption is not hedonistic nor epicurian today).


We need to respect that we are creative explorers here on the planet and that we in the coming decades a


Money is needed today but not tomorrow - Sharing will become common - we will design new monetary systems based on "sustainable and appropriate technological abundance"


We need to recognize ourselves - and the world we live in - without becoming religious again....


We need to be responsible again 

My place in France - MICRO MACRO MONDE, where I have spend a lot of time the last 10 years - now maybe on the way to make new adventures other places - you never know...... for now you can come here to rest, retreat, paint or whatever - see more by clicking here.