O2 goes wild - THE STORY, the collection, event & show AND WHO WAS BEHIND

This is a "real story", and not a tale, about the first major GREEN COTTON fashion show happening at The GLYPTHOTEK Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1989.

The GREEN COTTON (GC) brand or rather NOVOTEX - the company behind GC - has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly and sustainable textiles for many years. It was originally put into the world  by Leif Nørgaard in 1983, a visionary, Danish, textile manufacturer with a big heart for the environment.

The following pages are about this "real story" which I initiated and orchestrated with NOVOTEX and a whole lot of other people in 1989 - it was called The O2goesWILD show and conference - the project was a part of the work we did - almost all voluntary - in O2 Denmark - an international design group which I founded some years earlier. You can see a bit about what O2 is today by clicking here.

The making of these NPFlin-past-Tales pages about O2goesWILD is sponsored by NOVOTEX but all material is edited and put together / made by me - and I have to send a BIG thank you to Novotex for supporting this - then and now. Putting this story together, has been a journey back in time and I hope a lot of people can use this for something - if nothing else here is a proof that believing in what you do always pays back - in this case yes organic cotton is gaining much more momentum and now being recognized much more as the right way to go - so small victories have been made - the big ones are still waiting - but lets be positive and hope for the best.

Lastly I want to say THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES again to all the people who participated in the making of O2goesWILD.


 Niels Peter Flint - Copenhagen, Denmark / Cormes, France - December 2015 to February 2016


The below is a little "homemade" intro video about who I am and why I did this project.......