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Yes It all started when i was VERY YOUNG……(page under construction)

My father took me to see SPACE ODESSSEY 2001 - this was in 1968, so I must have been 9 years old. I have never forgotten HAL and incredible story on how my future might form - envisioned by Arthur C. Clarke - made into film by Stanley Kubrick.

The future has facinated me ever since and here at my old days Im starting to see - unfortunately in many ways - many of my visions developed over the years to come partly or fully true. This mostly when it concerns environmental and technological issues.

The coming pages is new initiative from my side to show some of the more exotic, yet also often very innovative ideas - my own as well as others - to kick politicians and many others in a certain place in order to inspire them to do a LOT more than what is already happening in terms of developing the appropriate political reforms needed for us as citizens - but also architects, planners, investors etc. to start developing the real serious TRANSFORMATIONAL PROJECTS needed for humanity to survive on Planet Earth.

The above collage was made for me by my indian design staff when we were building a new and very innovative website for my former design company EXDL.COM - Experience Design Lab. I closed this company now a decade ago, but these images still follow me - they show exact what Im trying to get across to everyone. WE CAN DESIGN PARADISE ON THIS PLANET - IF WE WANT TO….and its damn easy to do - its basically just making major mindshifts for most part of humanity - but that unfortunately seems rather complicated.

Before you go any further please check out this page first which will explain you briefly my “philosophical” background for presenting what Im presenting - and designing btw as well - click here to go to NPFLINTALES

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