L Áutre Cafe in Normandy, France

OPENING April 8th 18.00


merde magic

Every year we loose 45 million m2 of topsoil.

Every year more than 300.000 kids die from diareea

Every year almost 3 billion people have to shit without having a proper toilet

Every year the personal waste from more than 5 billion people is “wasted”.

Everything is biodegradable – one way another – even art…



We could make magnificent topsoil from composting the 5 billion peoples waste

We could be making composting toilets for the 3 billion people who have no toilets

We could give 300.000 kids the possibility to live if make proper toilets for the 3 billion

We could give back topsoil to the earth by making composting a part of everyone’s life on the planet.

We could live amazing life’s if learn how even our own shit is extremely valuable for life on the planet.



EARTH is MERDE (SHIT) – MERDE is the base for life

MERDE is natures art – it's the creation of all life

EARTH is made from 2 main components:

-       SHIT from all beings and plants

-       ALL ORGANIC WASTE from plants as well as from all other beings


MERDE MAGIC is not just images to hang on the wall – its art that as everything else – can biodegrade easily – it's a kind of “resting gardens”.

Inside each MERDE MAGIC image are seeds – and fertilizer – composted human feces.

You place a MERDE MAGIC image on earth and water it and hopefully a beautiful gardens springs out of the image.

Come and see the MERDE MAGIC 2017 COLLECTION at L´Autre Café – opening Saturday April 8th 2017 at 18.00  where the creator of MERDE MAGIC architect, designer, artist and visionary Niels Peter Flint will tell more about the MERDE MAGIC CONCEPT.

MERDE MAGIC 2017 - an MM image growing at Láutre Cafe, France.