AyuRVEDIC life 

I have lived in India and absolutely love India and Indians - however they are facing massive problems since they are trying to develop more or less the same lifestyle as we have here in the materialistically totally over developed part of the world. This means that a population of 1,2 billion people is not just starting to crave - they are BIG time getting access to massive ressources from god knows where it all comes - but it is coming. And India and Indians are starting to get all the same problems as we had in this part of the world with massive pollution, obesity, greed and anger over only material matters etc....

LUCKILY the Indians are really smart people - AND they have thousands of years of amazing history to grab on to. When most of us in this part of the world were crawling around searching for worms and insects in the ground and could hardly speak a language - the Indians has extremely advanced cultures where MIND & MATTER were not separated - AND where very sophisticated ways of treating fx. diseases were developed - not that you really had diseases - you could be living a bit "dis-harmonic" but you would never really be sick if you followed the principles of AYURVEDA.

AyuRVEDa today 

Today the ancient traditions of AYURVEDA are luckily regaining  strength - There are thousands I suppose of AYURVEDIC centers, hospitals, clinics, retreat places etc. popping up all over India - well actually all over the world. I am NOT going to tell you which are better or not BUT what I would love to do is to create a list here in connection to this page - a page / blog of places you have been to - places you can recommend - and this since I had a really hard time finding a place to go to this winter when I decided to go for an AYURVEDIC "clean up". 

I ended up going to GREEN GRAM WELLNESS VILLAGE - a small heaven close to Cochin in Kerala which I will show and write a bit about here.





GREEN GRAM WELLNESS VILLAGE is truly for wellness - and also affordable wellness. From my point of view you get excellent value for money, but you are not by the beach (and the beaches close by are not really worth going for) but you can swim in the river - the water is relatively clean - I suppose as clean as you can get water nowadays in any part of the world.

The accomodation is basic but very comfortable. Once there were open air bathrooms - unfortunately that does not exist anymore - and therefore the bathrooms are a bit dark and feels a bit strange - but still full fill their purpose perfectly - and they are clean as everything else is at GG. 

And yes for internet addicts there is free and well functioning wifi.

GG is very basic, but beautiful and truly a divine place at the same time - you feel so good and you are REALLY being pampered by all the wonderful people who works at GG. When we were there its was end season and the cleaning of the land was lacking a bit but otherwise we really enjoyed - also just being be the river, swimming, relaxing etc.

I maybe have to add that for me a place like this really deserves credit - also because GG delivers what they propose you - and then yes a bit more. For me its the ideal place since its simple and yet elegant in a very natural and rustic way.


ayurveda at green gram

You are being kept busy from early morning till early evening with all sorts of of activities - most relating to you getting in shape. 

There are morning rituals where you get headmassage - to wake up - you get rinsing teas, a small fruit snack and medications first thing in the morning - and then you have yoga.

After yoga a delicious morning meal is served - and then your first treatment begins app. 30 min after that.

You then have a rest - and then lunch - and then yet another treatment for 1 to 2 hours - and then you rest again.

The dinner is also delicious - and btw the food is designed for YOU - its not just any kind of food. 

Massages and treatments varies from person to person as well - and all we experienced at GG was really good - some treatments more exotic and particular than others - varies from excellent deep tissue oil massages to baths in fermented cowmilk etc. massaged into your body.... and no nothing bad smelling etc.. all truly divine.

There are also cooking classes where you learn to cook ayurvedic food - very interesting and useful. There are also tours organized - if you have time.



Its truly stunning at GREEN GRAM - and yet the village is situated in a kind of giant suburb to Cochin - only 20 min. from the airport, but no you dont see any planes and 


the food

You eat VERY well at GREEN GRAM - its ayurvedic, its organic, its local, vegetarian and its absolutely delicious. Cooked at the kitchen by a very dedicated and engaged staff.


the treatments

We had some amazing experiences in terms of the treatments being offered. The massages, the medication, the food, the snacks, the yoga - the entire experience was truly wonderful - and certainly also very revitalizing. We really felt like new humans - almost - only after 4 days at GREEN GRAM.

To get to know more about GREEN GRAM VILLAGE you can got go to their not terribly well functioning webpages - or if you want to know more you can contact me - I will be organizing various retreats for the winter 2018 / 19 so feel free to get back. Link to GREEN GRAM VILLAGE webpage.