This about investigating new materials for FUTURE WEARing - can we use unusual materials like animal and human feces for making new innovative materials? You will see in this video.

The materials that has been used in the video has composted or rather left for 2 years before they are being used. This means that the old feces and sawdust technically now is a kind of hummus or earth - or the substance where we grow our vegetables in - the basis for all farm life we could say.

What Im trying to get to is that by looking at all matter that is "in flow" such as feces, we might find new and interesting ways to make new materials - that then also have the advantage of being easily biodegradable when that time comes. So what you see here are experiments that maybe could be turned into textiles or building boards or a kind of non-woven material. The smart thing is that if this is done correctly it will solve a lot of problems we have today - and more about that later. In the near future your house might be made from boards made from these materials - and I promise they dont smell and could look like this.


And this way we can "micromize" or minimize our need for new materials - this is therefore part of a MIcro Living dimension since it promotes smart use of matter. But start by seeing the video below and lets chat.

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