We were probably hundreds who really did an awful lot of work to make an event happen that was designed to make the world understand that new ways had to be taken. Today - 27 years later we know that we somehow were maybe too idealistic - but at the same time we were maybe very realistic.

So many were involved - below you will find their names on the old lists from the show - and if possible their websites of today if you look further down. You can click on the old lists below to enlarge them.



The O2 Denmark event gang

Anna Bentzen

Berit Vedelsby

Kirsten Duckert

Michael Carlsen


The O2goesWILD collection

Erna Olsen

Claus Mohr

Keld Rex Holm

Niels Peter Flint

Novotex - Leif Nørgård and a whole gang of people at Novotex who was doing the entire collection



Directors / choreographers:

Niels Anders Thorn

Susanne Breuning

Charlotte Rindom


Models, dancers, stunt men etc. in the show - in random order:

Søs Egelind

Elo Sjøgreen

Elisabeth von Rosen

Lars Klingert

Bent Nobert

Hanne jacobsen

Mads Mikkelsen

Søren Plough

Bill Homberg

Lars Boe Jarvad

Louise Jarvad

Camilla Plum

Ib Jensen

Peter Jorde

Mette Bennike

Tanja Johanson 

Charlotte Rindom

Peter Mygind



Mads Madsen


Photography for the O2goesWILD COLLECTION

Per Morten Abrahamsen


Apart from the above mentioned there were a whole group of helpers who supported the project by stage hands, dressers, taking tickets, serving drinks and food etc - all on a voluntary basis - thanks to everyone.