The o2goeswild collection catalogue

For the show a kind of catalogue was made - we decided to make something very creative and different - a kind of art-fashion-photography. These images were used later at several exhibitions in the O2 network - from Japan til New York and many places in Europe.

To make this catalogue we asked a series of celebrities who one way or another had something to do with environmental issues were asked to model. And yes that was an immense amount of  work as well I remember. Each photo shoot took at least a couple of hours to make. 

To see who the celebs were - please click at their names - and see who they are today.

You can see further down all the amazing images taken by  Per Morten Abramsen - at that time and still is, one of Denmarks top photographers. 

Camilla Plum
Morten Stig Kristensen
Lars Bo Jarvad
Lars Klingert
Charlotte Amundsen


- Ib Jensen - Journalist covering the environment at Politiken - one of the biggest newspapers in Denmark.

Lone Dybkjær

- Lone Dybkjær - Minister of the Environment in Denmark 



Photographer: Per Morten Abrahamsen

Artdirectors: Niels Peter Flint & Per Morten Abrahamsen

The o2goeswild collection 

The basic concept behind the O2goesWILD collection was an idea about making a series of clothing that was not just made from GREEN COTTON - it was also a rather different concept from what was done at the time. Most of the pieces in the collection was made with various elements so that it could be changed - made bigger or smaller - or pieces could be added to the basic sweatshirt or whatever it was. You can see a small video below on how a sweatshirt could change "look" by simply adding a new front to it - this way it would be possible to reuse or recycle the main piece without having the print on fx. - it would also be possible to use the sweatshirt longer maybe since you could change the front - a kind of fusion a tie and print.

Pants and shirts were made so that they could expand or become smaller - something a lot of people might find useful - and which means that you might be able to use a pair of pants a lot longer since you dont need to worry about size. 

All these small details that could make the pieces last longer which was what the intention also was. But it was also an intention to make clothing that would be relaxed, informal, creative and still somehow stylish. I have personally worn a lot of the pieces for years and actually still have some that I wear from time to time - its - yes - timeless... and that was another intention. 

For the show we had a series of extra designs made by Keld Rex Holm and Claus Mohr. Otherwise it was me and Erna Olsen who worked on the collection - I basically formed the concept and Erna developed all the pieces in detail. It was a lot of work and unfortunately it was not used afterwards - but maybe time is ripe now - who knows.....

The collection was entirely made from GREEN COTTON and made at Novotex in Ikast. Who also did an enormous work in sewing all the pieces - Im not sure how many pieces were made but it was a lot.

The various pieces presented several new and maybe for that time unusual ideas about garments made from GC.


Erna Olsen, Niels Peter Flint, Keld Rex Holm and Claus Mohr

Sketches for the O2goesWILD collection done by Erna Olsen - also there is a serious of sketches for images that was made for the collection done by me - the photos you can see above.