I call this series of videos FUTUREWEAR - I believe we will have to look at clothing in completely new ways since as you have already read elsewhere he we humans will not be able to continue consuming the same way we do now - LIVING AMAZINGLY WITH A LOT LESS is very much about getting our insane and highly problematical approach to FASHION changed. 


This about investigating new materials for FUTUREWEAR - can we use unusual materials like animal and human feces for making new innovative materials? Yes it might very well be possible - see the video below and lets chat.

FUTUREWEAR - nao-bot

- NAO is a relatively new robot developed in France. This robot is one of the reasons why we will have textile production again in Europe - soon. So here  you have my latest video on FUTUREWEAR


H&M on a path - a rather interesting one

H&M as one of the biggest fashion companies in the world of course has an immense power to change things - and it seems like they really are starting to do so. I recently attended a seminar where H&M showed that profound changes are on the way. H&M writes:

"Materials include organic silk, hemp, recycled linen and Tencel® blends as well as new innovative materials such as beads and rhinestones made from recycled glass and Denimite − a material made out of recycled worn-out denim, which H&M is the first fashion company to use."

The ECOUTERRE article here is about the new H&M initiative - and go direct to H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE press release here. 

I hope this is ALSO about using less - and maknig it better. I sincerely hope that H&M is starting slowly to erase "fast-fashion" - unless its really done in ways where reuse and recycling is implemented we all know its no good... but this is a really interesting start.

In a later MHH LOUNGE we will talk more about "micro fashion" or just ways to live amazingly with less....