MICRO MACRO HABITAT LOUNGE 1 - April 16th, 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

This is an invitation to take part in the first MICRO MACRO HABITAT LOUNGE - a kind of informative event, an inspiring lab, exquisite cocktails session, a beautiful "FLOW-Dinner" and not the least a fantastic DANCELIVing party - a forum to meet new "conscious holistic hedonists" - people who are probably interested in LIVing amazingly with a lot less - and having a fabsnastic time as well.

This first MMH LOUNGE is called LIVing - living in community or just living together or side by side or on top of each other - or others way of LIVing better with others.

 The MICRO MACRO HABITAT LOUNGE programme April 16th 2016

 There will be interesting talks about LIVing in new ways - focus on MICRO LIVING - and MICRO MACRO HABITAT - starting at 17.00

 There will be cocktails where its possible to "minglework" - and chat about LIVing together at 19.00.

 There will be the big micro food communal experience "THE-FEED-EACH-OTHER-SURPRISE" starting partly at 19.00 - and for everyone from 20.00....(yes you will all be involved in making the "FLOW dinner"....but it will be fun)....

 We end the evening in DANCELIVing with the amazing Katrine Ring - https://www.mixcloud.com/djkatrinering/ - starting from app. 22.00 and goes on till late....put your dancing mood and maybe dancing shoes...there might be surprises...or you might be surprised...

 You can read more about the background for the MMH LOUNGE here https://nielspeter-flint.squarespace.com/config#/|/micro-macro-habitat/.

 And you can buy tickets on Billetto (please see link below) Price 199 kr. including everything apart from beverage / drinks (ticket fee 8 kr. extra). 


 The MMH Lounge takes place in KONCERTKIRKEN - https://www.facebook.com/koncertkirken/

 Hope to see you all

 Kindest regards

 Niels Peter Flint

To get a short intro about MICRO MACRO HABITAT please click here

Hvis du er yderligere interesseret i at få mere at vide om MICRO LIVING kan du booke undertegnede til foredrag eller workshops - se mere her - på dansk https://nielspeter-flint.squarespace.com/dk-foredrag-workshops/

 If you are interested in knowing more about MICRO LIVING please feel free to book me to come and give either a talk or a workshop - https://nielspeter-flint.squarespace.com/intro/