A tribute to graham hill

If these is one on this planet who is really doing (also ;-) serious work when it comes to how we can downsize or micro live its Graham Hill. Therefore this is a small tribute to Graham - founder of Treehugger and Lifeedited.

Graham has done amazingly well (Im a big fan) - we have met several times and I must admit I deeply admire his ability to make things happen - and we are more or less on a very similar path... I started a bit earlier because Im a lot older ;-) But Graham has managed to really put many important topics and project into the world in terms of sustainable design and now what I call Micro Living and what Graham calls Life Editing.

If you are interested in what we do in MICRO MACRO HABITAT regarding micro houses and micro villages then you are adviced to subscribe also to at least LIFEEDITED. Its an excelent newsletter started by Graham. TREHUGGER.COM is also worth subscribing to for sure.

Read this article that has just come out which Graham has written for New York Times - it really shows how u can LIVE AMAZINGLY WITH A LOT LESS - and as you might have guessed I hope Graham will come to one of the coming MICRO MACRO HABITAT LOUNGES to talk about his projects in New York and where ever else he is developing projects nowadays..

Click on Graham to read his story - about Life Editing - or how to live with a LOT less...