FUTUREHOMME is the call for the development of a platform for men who wants to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem - YOUR CALL MAYBE?





this is an invitation for you?


Many humans today are in crisis – all over the planet. Many talk about the planet being in crisis, but really its not the planet – its us the inhabitants who are making our own lives complicated and thus also life on the planet.

We cant blame everything on men, but probably a lot. The issues are numerous, humongous and it only seems to go worse and worse everyday – and we all know that but seems like few really are able to do something about it.

This lack of inactivity and almost suicidal dimensions among many – maybe especially again men – men in power – could that be that its because many men have personal mental issues and blockages maybe often more complicated and subconscious than what women have? Do women when for example giving birth (the natural way) go through an actual physical “rehabilitation” which we men never get close to do?

Yes I am talking about a kind of personal development platform, forum, program and actual physical place for men, but maybe not the same as you have seen before – I think we to start where I think some of the traumas could be hidden and then activate a development among ourselves through various techniques which might seem a bit odd when seen apart - but when put together I think they will make a lot of sense – nevertheless it could very well be that what we propose could help modern man be ready to take up the massive challenges humanity is facing – therefore:


The WORLDBY project - a kind of sustainable sci-fi dream about how we could live in the future... maybe developed further by FUTURE HOMMEs

The WORLDBY project - a kind of sustainable sci-fi dream about how we could live in the future... maybe developed further by FUTURE HOMMEs


We could be entering a phase of paradisiacal dimensions – and we very well could be, if we try to steer the giant earth-ship we are on, in more appropriate ways. But can the humans on board – especially the men handle the big shifts we need to do in order to manouveer all back on something we could call a right or sustainable course again.

FUTURHOMME will be a platform formed by men for men – where they can develop and thrive to achieve not just what we want in life but what is also good for humanity, nature and at the end of it all – the big ship we live on. My personal vision is above - and a small film several years old can be seen by clicking on the image above.



Initially its me who wants to invite you into this "space" of exploration, but I hope soon it could be "us" - and that we will be group who maybe call ourselves THE FUTUREHOMME KICKSTARTERS - since we would see ourselves like that. A group that will not only kickstart - it will also be a group of men who believe that through various very concrete ways but also very visionary ways we will be able to "kickstart" some processes not only in ourselves - but certainly also in in everyone else - but not the least the outcome would be kickstart something in the real world - for ourselfs and the world around us.



The FUTUREHOMME invitation


I want to invite YOU – YOU who is a man – a man who can see and feel that something can be achieved by getting men together in general – and yes later possibly women as well. But for now we start with men – and men only because I believe men, as many women have done, need our spaces where we can be men alone and together. Spaces where we can meet like-minded - and yes let me get back to that in a bit.

And we start with us and our personal development. My vision is that we through our own self therapi will become much stronger emotionally - and sexually - two elements that I believe is very much connected and therefore you will see various ways described below which will be used during the FUTURE HOMME COURSES.

And yes I believe that to be part of FUTUREHOMME you need to be VERY openminded - and also in order for you to get anything out of this you need to have a certain experience in life - or to say it on other ways. You might not enjoy this if you are not ready to seriously approach yourself an others in very open minded ways.

And yes this is for ALL men - but we might be a lot of bisexuel, pan sexual, metro sexual, queer or whatever you prefer to call men who are open to everything in life. So get ready for a ride - a ride that will start this summer at MICRO MACRO MONDE in France - the physical space where FUTUREHOMME will take place this summer. And yes a plan for events, workshops etc. will come a bit later when the various men who are being invited will have approved their participation - and thats happening right now these days.


Niels Peter Flint

Copenhagen January 2017

ps... if you want to know more about me - either come visit me or click on the image below and voila - you will be able to read more about me.. there will be a little video here soon as well....

Welcome to the real world - you know that one where you can drive tractors and eat delicious food while becoming so much wiser....

Welcome to the real world - you know that one where you can drive tractors and eat delicious food while becoming so much wiser....




This is all new - also to me - and this frist summer will be all experiments and testing. And most of you who comes will all be contributing one way or another - and yes thats also the intention. This is NOT a ready programme - its proposals for activities - some will be run very strict by whoever is responsible - others will be very loose and unstructured.

The intention is that we slowly build up a strong network and that we all slowly will be able to teach others in becoming FUTUREHOMMES - OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE CALLED. The most important is that YOU or WE as men get into some positive development processes which we will use on a personal as well as a professional level. The aim is to better humanity so the planet can start healing itself without being interrupted all the time - Mother Earth has a lot of work to do in order to get everything back into balance so that she can support all our mad and wonderful activities.

I think maybe we should call what comes out of all this THE FUTUREHOMME ACADEMY FOR FINE & DIVINE LIVING - but we can discuss that. For sure you will become a lot wiser when you get through all the activities I have in mind - so take a look for what is in the pipeline for now.


The FUTUREHOMME activities & therapies

The FUTURE HOMME THERAPIES are based on this basic idea or vision that we by daring to access our deepest and maybe most undesired desires we can open up and become more free men. Especially LeCULBUTT could be a thing for many to explore.

Lets start with the essentials - we need to get our self "fixed" first - well at least get started. And a serious kick in the ass is always a good thing - in this we just change the kick with a stick.... welcome to an unconventional way of getting on in life...


FUTUREHOMES - a DIY hotel - playground for men.....

Well we start with the the arse and we go to the home - or rather for practical reasons we start with building some homes or rather shelters or cottages or treehouses or?? - but to be honest you cant really make a proper home if your arse is not working - well if you are not in SENSUSTAINABLE SHAPE... but in order to make us all in shape we need some cover before that happens - so all summer we will build - we make treehouses, dream houses, earthhouses, techno houses etc. etc.... all made from what is available locally - and recycled and natural etc.... we simply build crazy, wonderful micro cottages - for the season... kind of tents and yes some might last - just made from whatever is there - its much more the process.

Me and my man calls it DIY HOTELS - yes you build your own hotel..splendid idea isnt it?... later I will get back to explain how it will all work. But in principle - you come and help build and you stay for free - and you get free food - for the period you are there. You then have a stake in the cottage you have build and you can use it for free for a not yet decided ammount of days....

There will also be a group building outdoor shower and compost toilets... it will be so much fun...

The spaces that you build will of course have to be at specific spots - all around the property - but as well inside existing buildings - we make room for 20 to 30 men.... and yes maybe the women can come later when there will be "FUTUREHOMME OPEN DAYS" - about that I will explain later.


      or how to regain power from focussing on important things in life

LeCULBUTT is a new concept initally for men. Its partly inspired by therapies developed elsewhere on the planet – therapies that help us gain control of emotional life’s.

LeCULBUTT is part of a holistic approach to therapy where we take unusual methods into use in order to make us get a bit further in working with our subconscious and very hidden blockages – hidden so to say in our various muscles and connective tissue – in LeCULBUTT we focus on the anus and prostate. In other words we could call LeCULBUTT a kind of “anal therapy” – its in some ways also from my experience where it all starts.

LeCULBUTT is just one kind of therapy which we use in our programme.

This is NOT easy - and a sensitive thing to do - Im still discussing this with various men who have experience in this field - but if you have something to offer here - please contact me.


Most men dont dare to touch each other. Imagine what would happen if men dared to touch - we might be able to avoid wars all together. Touch is incredible important - this is actually scientifically proven. Women are much better in being physical - so what do we do - we start being naked together - and we start massaging each other. Yes - dont come here if you are shy...

There are many ways of doing massage – many ways of doing therapy where you use touch and connect bodily - There will be numeorus sessions and possiblities to work together and develop "touchy activities". More will come later about workshops etc.

There are several instructors whom I have spoken with here - but If you have something to offer here - please contact me..there will be a list soon of men coming to help train us all in doing massage.


What is it to be SENSUSTAINABLE? Its a word I invented of course - and its about combining the sensual with the sustainable of course - yes its pretty obvious or maybe its not. I believe we need to look at the world in totally new ways and as "sustainable" being a new notion being used the way it is today I believe we can and have to invent other new notions in order to being able to define new ways - the new ways that I believe are needed in order to create a better foundation for it all.

I will of deal with the sustainable part and then I have invited ............ who is recently graduated sexologist but a man with a lot of wisdom about sensuality in general - and a very open-minded man to join me - and a you guys who will come, to discuss and do various exercises in order to explore SENSUSTAINABILITY. Please join and share.



The greeks did it – I think it should be reinvented and done again – sports made nude. I have done yoga nude - what a divine feeling. So there will for sure be nude - and dressed yoga classes - everyday.

But there will also be other sportsly activities - maybe ball games, running, swimming and a lot more. At MMM there is room for a lot of activties. So more about this later as well.

If you have something to offer here - please contact me.


Its an old tradition which we take up again and we believe it can be beneficial for lots of neurotic dimensions in ones life – fight and massage in mud. I think we can figure out to do this without that much instruction - so for now I will initiate this.


We make a party where we are all nude – and body painted

I will do this workshop - but again if you have some thingto offer here - please contact me.



Food for men – healthy invigorating food based on all the best and healthiest you can imagine – creative, sensual, nutricious – made by ourselves without recipes – improvised to develop the free mind

If you have something to offer here - please contact me.



We go baserk like the vikings did – we improvise – a kind of theatre / dance / impro workshop, where you are naked if you want – or you wear a costume that you make in the space while going baserk…

The mad shaman might come and do this - lets see - but again if you have something to offer here - please contact me.



We ravage from the land – weeds and mushrooms – we might kill a chicken or two etc…and we make a dinner in nature – at night – we cook, eat, dance – we celebrate nature and ourselves – we connect with the wilder aspects in our own dreams and manifest this in ways we think can make not only ourselves but also the rest of the world get closer to understanding that WE are NATURE – or more humbly we are PART of nature – an inevitable understanding that is essential for modern humans to comprehend – and yes also what FUTUREHOMME is all about – helping men becoming part of nature again.

If you get inspired and if you have something to offer here - please contact me.


EPICIRIUM – the hedonistic man

During the last days we refine what we do – we part the more wild and anarchistic dimensions and we enter the hedonistic. We start to look at how we can come with concrete solutions to the world of tomorrow. FUTUREHOMME in ACTION.

This will initally be led by me - but really its a group thing, so lets see how it all develops. We are all mature men - we should be able to come up with something very valid and insprirering.


Micro Living – RITES OF LIVING

ML is one of the many ways that FUTUREHOMMEs gets into ACTION - now we get very tangible and concrete – this is the introduction to a way of living – very concrete projects based on the philosophy “living amazingly with a lot less”. We simply dive into a very real world – being developed and implemented round the globe in various ways – see more here https://nielspeter-flint.squarespace.com/micro-macro-habitat/ - and yes I will do the talking here - and maybe with guests... who knows...


Radical Sustainable Innovation – THE REAL WORLD

RSI is about developing the projects we now hopefully have the guts or balls to initiate and actively start implementing either into Micro Living projects or into anything really – not over night of course.

The REAL BIG VISION & DREAM is that the work developed in relation to FUTUREHOMME will create lasting bonds and relations between the participants and that very powerful networks will be initiated and these networks will support the creation of radical innovative sustainable and sensustiable solutions for the very near and very far future - nothing more - nothing less.



A couple of times during the season Micro Macro Monde will be open for the rest of the world - so that locals, your eventual spouses or girl or boyfriends can come and experience what we are doing - it will be a mixture of exhibtion and various activities as well as a party probably....more about this later..


FUTURHOMME where and when

Well as stated earlier this is all a test - and there will be a more thorough programme available start March 2017.

One thing for sure is that venues for the actitvities will be initially only in France at to places.

- Micro Macro Habitat, Sarthe

- Le Roche Qui Boit, Normandy


The FUTUREHOMME kickstarters

so - yes who wants to join and become a FUTUREHOMME kickstarter? - please contact me - its important for you and your kids - and the rest of humanity and the world - and possibly the universe as well..... WRITE TO ME ON NPFLINT@gmail.com





Niels Peter Flint - Copenhagen January 2017