- dreaming about an amazing future 


Climate change is happening big time on the planet - and everywhere severe environmental problems are appearing due not just to climate change but also because we Homo Sapiens are incredibly bad stewards of this planet.

I have for years been trying to make projects that could change this development - its VERY difficult - humans are habitual beings and greed but not the least lack of imagination are major factors to the destruction of the planet. We cant see the new ways - or rather we dont want to change - but we have to...... WE HAVE TO START DREAMING AGAIN... dreaming about an amazing world where everything is possible - exactly like it actually is on this planet if we Homo Sapiens knew how to handle things better - if we were better EARTH STEWARDS so to say.

The EARTHANAUT is a an event / exhibition that will put a focus on how we can start to dream and imagine a very different world - and that way maybe start changing. 

Copenhagen Nov. 2016

Niels Peter Flint




The EARTHANAUT diagram & tales are stories from a different world - The EARTHANAUT´s live inside the earth in a world that is maybe 5000 years ahead of us.

The EARTHANAUT have started communicating with us in various ways, but they are pretty careful - they know we will hardly understand their world since its VERY different from our - yet its happening inside our planet.

Here on the EARTHANAUT site you will be able to see a lot more about the EARTHANAUT´s and also you will be able to read the diagrams - and not the least add your interpretations to the diagrams - because thats what they are... a kind of images from a hidden world - a world that we could also live in... a world that is VERY different from ours yet still extremely similar.


The first EARTHNAUT DIAGRAMS are exhibited from Oct. 26th to Oct. 31st at the GALLERI BREDGADE 22 in Copenhagen. You can see a bit form the opening

There is a new EARTHANAUT ARTMONEY EXPO opening Friday Sep. 1st at 15.00 2017 at The Artmoney Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can see the new EARTHNAUT ARTMONEY COLLECTION there - or SOME here.



The EA DIAGRAMS are a kind of maps that can be read in any possible way. Im not sure how or where the material comes from - it just comes. 


Here you will be able to read more about the EA´s in general. They will post their "tales" starting from the end of the year 2016 they say. Lots of interesting material will come here I have been told - but lets see...

Melting Greenland Ice.jpg


The EA´s live inside the planet on secret spots that we as such dont know anything about. They have regular contact with many different cultures from outer space whom come to visit often - they also travel themselves and yes often they are among us as well - normally invisible (yes they figured that technology out centuries ago). 

But the EA´s reality has started to become seriously influenced by us Homo Sapiens - and not for the good. The changing climate is fx. affecting the EA´s as well and its also therefore probably that they are starting to "inspire" us. Here you will find much more about why they are worried.